Ross Video-Certified Shared Storage

EVO Signature Series for Ross Video

Shared storage for sports, news, and live production workflows.

An integrated technology ecosystem

The EVO Signature Series is high-performance shared storage designed for sports, news, and live entertainment workflows with Ross Video products and technology.

EVO is an IP-based storage array capable of handing demanding workflows ranging from 4K UHD all the way to 8K and beyond.

Applications for EVO Signature Series

In the newsroom, on the field, or live from the broadcast booth, EVO Signature Series is ready for your workflow.

EVO’s ability to integrate with Abekas Mira, XPression, Streamline, Tria, and Inception makes it the perfect solution alongside products from Ross Video.

Improved production-playout pipeline

From capture to playout, shared storage plays an important role by providing a link between creative workgroups in editorial and graphics and your live production team. EVO takes it even further by providing automation and media management features that help streamline the entire process from production to playout.

EVO Signature Series and your workflow
EVO works with Ross Video products and professional NLE applications like Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer, and DaVinci Resolve.

Growing file replays with Ross Abekas Mira

The EVO Signature Series shared storage solution provides a high-speed centralized storage location for camera feeds captured from Abekas Mira during live events and sports broadcasts.

Mira exports up to six of those video sources as growing MXF media files directly to high-performance EVO shared storage volumes, where the post production team can begin editing complex highlight packages that become available to the director for use later in the broadcast.

EVO and Mira

  • EVO and Mira provide a dynamic and powerful broadcast replay and editorial workflow.
  • EVO enables quick and secure editorial and delivery of event footage.
  • Edit growing .MXF files as they are being written.
  • Directly connect multiple Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Avid, and other workstations to EVO over Ethernet.

Using EVO with XPression motion graphics systems

Using EVO with XPression unlocks a streamlined workflow and offers redundant configurations, which are particularly important for broadcast. EVO handles multiple sources in the file creation/post environment for source redundancy.

Multiple EVO systems can be used for storage redundancy, and multiple XPression systems can access the same file for playout redundancy. Further, EVO is available with flexible port configurations for network path redundancy.

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The XPression-certified EVO storage solution provides direct-attached Gigabit Ethernet and 10GbE connections from XPression to EVO with performance that enables a more streamlined workflow between creative service workgroups and playout—scalable all the way to multi-channel enterprise environments.

EVO and XPression

  • EVO provides an accelerated operational link between creative services and live production broadcast.
  • EVO supports 4 playout streams per GbE-connected XPression.
  • XPression can record baseband HD-SDI video directly to EVO.
  • EVO supports up to 26 direct-connect XPression engines via GbE for enterprise scalability.
  • Multiple XPression systems can access the same files concurrently for playout redundancy.

ShareBrowser, Streamline, and Adobe Premiere Pro

ShareBrowser, EVO’s included media asset management software, integrates with Streamline so editors have access to their media and Streamline Placeholders directly from ShareBrowser and the ShareBrowser panel extension for Adobe Premiere Pro. This means that you can organize and tag your footage, open EVO-generated projects based on Streamline Placeholders, edit your content, and export/render your content directly to the placeholder in the ShareBrowser panel without leaving your Adobe Premiere Pro application.

When the rendering is complete and Streamline has attached the media, the ShareBrowser panel in Premiere Pro will indicate the MOS status so you can see that the file is ready for playout. This final step completes the loop on a typical workflow with Inception News and Streamline.

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Here is how that workflow looks. The producer requests a piece of video through Inception News. Streamline registers the placeholder and sends it to ShareBrowser. The editor edits the requested clip and sends it back to Streamline, which then automatically gives the producer and the editor feedback that the requested clip is ready for playout.

EVO and Streamline

  • EVO Signature Series is custom-designed for Ross Video workflows, including Streamline Inception News, and Tria News.
  • Editors can access their media and Streamline Placeholders in ShareBrowser media asset manager.
  • ShareBrowser and the ShareBrowser panel in Premiere Pro shows whether your file is ready for playout or not with a simple MOS status field.
  • Export media in the ShareBrowser panel to automatically render finished products directly to Streamline, without leaving Adobe Premiere Pro.

EVO Signature Series is trusted by professional broadcast and post-production teams worldwide.

Network storage solutions for any size workgroup

There’s an EVO Signature Series for every team regardless of its size: the EVO Prodigy Desktop for smaller, more mobile teams, the EVO 8 Bay for workgroups up to ten users who need high performance with lots of connectivity at an affordable price, and the EVO 16 Bay for the absolute highest performance, connectivity, and scalability.

And by offering a selection of capacity and connectivity options, the EVO Signature Series is flexible enough to handle those extra requirements that make your environment unique.

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