Shared storage for education

EVO is a shared storage system for producing and managing video content for classrooms, sports, and creative services.

EVO shared storage video editing servers solve common challenges in media workflows.

Without it, organization is difficult, moving large files is time-consuming, and creating multiple copies of media for everyone on the team is painfully inefficient and expensive.

Successful production companies know the benefits of using shared storage, and many schools are now seeing the advantages—both inside and outside the classroom. If your media team doesn’t have the right system it will continually face common, storage-related inefficiencies.

Experience counts

SNS specializes exclusively in shared storage hardware and software solutions for professional media teams.

We work to create outstanding products that help organizations of all sizes, while providing excellent technical support to our customers around the world.

EVO shared storage works perfectly with leading technologies used in school media environments like Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid Media Composer, DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut ProRoss VideoNewTek, and many more.

Trusted everywhere

Comprehensive solutions

We provide products and in-depth services tailored to the media storage/workflow requirements of educational institutions, including custom configurations, install services, RFP assistance, and multi-year technical support. We work with educational organizations from K-12 to community colleges and state schools, all the way up to the world’s most prestigious universities.

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The EVO OS, EVO systems, and all included software are designed by SNS, for professional media applications. Every user can edit directly from the EVO storage using Ethernet, which enables centrally-located media and projects, eliminating the need to copy files from one computer to another.

Powered by EVO

Texas Christian University

After months of research and evaluating products, TCU decided on the EVO 16 Bay shared storage server. “EVO and its ShareBrowser software allows us to log our footage and add metadata, and it’s all searchable,” says Salters. Each EVO system includes unlimited licenses of ShareBrowser, an intuitive asset management software that lets you search, tag, index, and preview media across all of your storage—something that was vital for the TCU team.

The EVO education package makes integration simple.

Education discounts

Discounts included on hardware and services for qualifying schools.

Budget & RFP friendly

We’ll work within your budgeting timeframe—we know this may not be a quick process.

Flexible support

Technical support package options to fit your school’s budget and requirements.

Workflow consultation

Professional services to help classroom/faculty workflow be more efficient and successful.

Phone-assisted installation

Professionally assisted remote walkthrough makes deployment simple. On-site services also available.

Pre-configuration service

Storage hardware and system settings arrive pre-configured, based on your workflow or curriculum.

Engineered with faculty and students in mind

Centralized, secure, and manageable access to media and projects.

Security & stability

RAID-protected shared storage, expansion options, user/group access control and auditing, and included support ensure peace of mind.

More EVO features

Catalog and track media

EVO includes ShareBrowser—management software for Mac and Windows that makes it simple to tag, track, search, and share your projects and media.

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User administration

LDAP/AD integration, volume resizing, and other tools allow you to easily change and adjust the system for multiple curriculums and semesters.

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Prepare your students for a career with the world’s top media companies.

EVO shared storage systems are already in use by many of the world’s largest employers in the media industry.

If you’re teaching media production, then the tools and workflow methodologies your students use in the classroom should prepare them for the technology they will encounter in their career. With EVO, your students will already have hands-on experience with the same technology being used at Disney, Google, Netflix, Facebook, and thousands of other companies.

On campus and online

On campus, online, or a hybrid of both, modern education happens everywhere. EVO enables online learning workflows for innovative educational institutions around the world.

Let your students, instructors, and media production teams work from anywhere with NomadEVO’s remote editing utility. Nomad retrieves lightweight proxy files or source media for your team’s individual workstations, enabling remote workflows for after school projects, online courses, and temporary needs such as inclement weather.

Georgetown saves over 200 hours per year on file management tasks thanks to EVO and ShareBrowser.

“EVO is an investment in the future of our team. As our department continues to expand, we know that we have a reliable and seamless solution that grows and evolves with us.”

Emma Curran
Videographer at Georgetown University’s Office of Strategic Communication

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