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Japanese Language Center Course  Enrollment

We will close enrollment when a class gets 6 registrants.  Please register early before the class becomes full.

Minimum age requirement for students is 16 years old.  No exceptions. No Teens courses are available at this point. All lessons are online until the face to face lessons restart.

To submit your application via Email: 

  • Click on the Button Below.  This will take you to a Print Friendly version of this form. 

  • Then fill in the form, send by Email attachment. Please pay tuition by PayPal (www.paypal.com Pay to: jmackert@japanese-language.net).

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To submit your application online:  

Online enrollment is under construction now

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  • Fill in the form

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 Minimum age requirement for students is 16 years old.

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                                  JET Program

    Tutorial for High school/University

Plan on traveling to Japan

    Want to Study in Japan

Family member speaks Japanese

    Want to work in Japan

Just Curious



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          Group       $250 / 1 course

          Private      $540 / 6 lessons

         Semi-Private  $380 / 7~8 lessons


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