1.     Term of Lesson Contract is two months, and expires on the day that two months passed after the very first lesson.

2.     Lesson fees for private lesson are $90 per 110 minutes lesson and $540 per 6 lessons, due 72 hours before the first lesson.  Minimum order for Private Lesson is six lessons. 

3.     You can pay on line with PayPal (, pay to, cash or check (pay to JLC, address: 22430 NE 39th Way Redmond, WA 98053).

4.     Lesson fees are not refundable.  Only when a whole course is cancelled by Japanese Language Center (JLC), you have refund-in-full.

5.     Your lesson schedule is basically 110 minutes for a lesson, once a week, and for six weeks.

6.     If you must miss a lesson, it is your responsibility to call us 425-891-2129 or send email to us, 24 hours prior to the scheduled lesson.  We will postpone the lesson you miss for a week when you provide us a notice of the cancellation 24 hours in advance.  Otherwise neither make-up nor refund.

7.     You have to complete 6 lessons within the term of Contract (two months maximum) from your very first lesson.  If you don't complete 6 lessons within the two months, we will not make up the remaining lessons.  Even if you give us early notice about your absence, there is no make-up, no reschedule, nor refund for the remaining lessons after two months passed from your very first lesson.  If you would like to start your lesson again, you have to pay the lesson fees again.

8.     Your lesson schedule is as follows. You can postpone the lesson for a week with 24 hours advance notice.

9.     Lessons cancelled by the instructor will be rescheduled at the earliest time that is mutually convenient for the student and instructor.

10.  Lessons taught at your location (on-site) will incur additional lesson fees of 40%.  The on-site lesson charge allows for 30 minute drive time.  Between 30-60 minute drive time, there is an additional driving charge of $10 /lesson.  Any parking fees will be invoiced to the client.

11.  We require a 7-days notification of your intention to discontinue lessons.  You must notify us by email, or telephone 425-891-2129.  We cannot refund or prorate missed lessons.

12.  Lesson fees do not include the price of textbook or other material cost.  You have to attend with your own textbook or studying materials.    When we supply textbook or other materials, you are responsible for the expense.

13.  You are expected to arrive at class on time.  We cannot refund or make up for your late arrivals or early releases.

14.  We open the door for the students to come in 10 minutes before the class and close the door 10 minutes after the end of class.

15.  If you don't show up in 30 minutes after the lesson time without any notice, the lesson will be canceled automatically and we will not make up nor refund.

16.  We don't allow students use the premises for self-study.  If you have a gap between lessons, you have to spend the gap somewhere else and come again.

17.  If a student needs a ride, please make sure to drop off/pick up on time.  Otherwise we treat an early drop off/late pick up (more than 10 minutes) the same as a private lesson and charge $45 per 55 minutes.

18.  If you have any questions or comments concerning these policies, please do not hesitate to discuss them with us.